The Holidays and Alzheimer's - Part 1

With planning and adjusted expectations, holiday celebrations with loved ones with Alzheimer's disease can still be happy occasions. Elder Care Coordinator Bre Simmons offers some helpful tips. This is the first video in a two-part series. View more educational videos on Kimbrough Law's YouTube channel.

In Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

On this Thanksgiving Day, we pause to express our gratitude to the clients who have placed their confidence in us, to our families who are always there for us, to the veterans who have fought and died to protect us, and to our Heavenly Father who watches over us. We love you all. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

Caregiver Risks - Part 2

Caring for an elderly loved one is risky in ways you may not realize. Elder Care Coordinator Alice Woodard explains in this second video in a two-part series. View more educational videos on Kimbrough Law's YouTube channel.

Sleep and Dementia

If you’re a caregiver to a person living with dementia, you know how important a good night’s sleep is for both of you. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get. The effect of dementia on sleep is a complex issue with many factors involved. Scientists and doctors don’t know why dementia causes sleep disturbances, but it seems to have something to do with the changes to the brain. Different sleep issues are associated with different types of dementia. Dementia may affect the sleep-wake cycle that regulates when you are awake and when you are sleepy. People who experience issues with their circadian rhythm may have problems falling asleep at night and staying asleep. They may also experience

Caregiver Risks - Part 1

Caring for an elderly loved one is risky in ways you may not realize. Elder Care Coordinator Alice Woodard explains. View more educational videos on Kimbrough Law's YouTube channel.

Beware the Publisher's Clearinghouse Scam

This scam is using the Publishers Clearing House (PCH) name and claiming that victims have won a special Senior Citizens edition of the sweepstakes and that you will need to pay $1,000 fee to cover the taxes. STOP! This is a scam. If you think you have won a prize, here are a few things to keep in mind: NEVER pay for winning a prize or sweepstakes or the lottery. PCH notifies MOST winners in person. They will NEVER call a winner. Never deposit a check and then send the money back. Once that check bounces, you’ll be out the money you sent. Check out PCH website for tips and warning signs at If you have received any communication from PCH that you

Voting and the Elderly

The right to vote is one of those rights that an American citizen never loses. Unfortunately, many older people living in long-term care facilities aren’t always able to exercise that right. Attorney Bayli Fields explains more. View more educational videos on Kimbrough Law's YouTube channel.

What’s New in Medicare Advantage and Part D

With Medicare Advantage playing an increasingly larger role in Medicare, the average person on Medicare will be able to choose among 24 plans during the annual Medicare open enrollment period that began Oct. 15, finds a new analysis from KFF (the Kaiser Family Foundation). The new analysis, Medicare Advantage Plans in 2019: First Look, finds that: Nationally, 2,734 Medicare Advantage plans for general enrollment will be offered in 2019 -- more than in any year since 2009. Fourteen new insurers will be entering the Medicare Advantage market for the first time in 2019, and five will be exiting. More than 200 insurers will offer Medicare Advantage plans in 2019. Medicare Advantage enrollment no

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