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Could You or a Loved One Be Eligible for TAX-FREE Benefits?

If you, your spouse, or a loved one is a veteran, you owe it to yourself to learn about certain VA benefits that can help offset the high cost of long-term care for older adults. These benefits can pay thousands of dollars and they are 100% tax-free. Most people aren’t aware that these benefit programs even exist.

Webinar #1:



Attorney Kim Kimbrough explains the basics.

Webinar #2:



Attorney Kim Kimbrough and VA Benefits Specialist Chad Kimbrough answer the most commonly asked questions about VA benefits.

Find out if you qualify for tax-free VA benefits


All it takes is a short conversation with the VA benefits professionals at Kimbrough Law. Meet with us by phone, in person, or via video. We want you to get the benefits you deserve! To get started, call at 706.850.6910 or click on the link below.

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