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The doctor said that it’s not safe for Dad to live at home.

Dad had a stroke and the hospital told us he can’t live at home anymore.  We can’t agree on what to do.

My wife’s Alzheimer’s care is too much for me to manage at home. What do I do now?

The doctors told Mom not to drive. Last week she was involved in a wreck. How do we get her to listen to us?

Little in life is more stressful than finding out that you have to take immediate action to care for an aging loved one who can no longer live at home.

There’s so much to do. Under pressure to make quick decisions, how will you know that the course of action you choose will be the best for your love one? How can you make sure you protect the financial, legal and personal interests of your loved one?

Kimbrough Law—Expert Guidance through the Storm

Our comprehensive array of legal, financial and care-related services will keep you in the driver’s seat during every stretch of the long-term care journey. We’re the ultimate elder care emergency response team, offering compassionate support during the crisis and beyond.

Our capable and compassionate guidance will help you avoid costly bad decisions, preserve family harmony and sidestep needless heartache.

Is our expertise right for your situation? It may be the perfect fit if any of the above statements describe your situation.



Learn more about what we do, how we’re different and the benefits of working with us.

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