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Offer the Kimbrough Law Six-Pack Webinar Series in Your Facility

Community Education Delivered Your Way


North Georgia’s premier estate planning and elder care law firm explains the basics in language everyone can understand. 

Benefits for You


Inviting residents, family members, and the community to Kimbrough Law Six-Pack Webinar Series presentations at your facility delivers tangible benefits for you. 

Pick Your Six

Estate Planning Mythbusters Six-Pack Series
Paying for Care Six-Pack Series
Caregiving Conundrum Six-Pack Series
Learn how to respond with confidence to challenges throughout the elder care journey.
“Don’t Lose Your Money” Asset Protection Six-Pack Series
Kimbrough Law attorneys explain asset protection fundamentals everyone needs to know.

Seven Steps to Six-Pack Success

Step 1 - Pick Your Six-Pack Series.

Choose from four topic areas that resonate with older adults and their family caregivers.  


Step 2 - Choose Your Dates.

We will work with you to schedule your webinar presentations at mutually convenient times. We will need at least one month of lead time before the first webinar. 


Step 3 - Choose Your Audience.

Options include limiting your event to residents and their family members or opening it up to the public. 


Step 4 - Select Your Delivery Method.

Virtual only. Participants can watch from their devices anywhere. Participants can also gather in a common area of your facility to watch the presentation on a big screen. 


Step 5 - Promote the Series.

Your Turnkey Marketing Kit gives you everything needed to get the word out, including a customizable PDF flyer, content for social media posts, a media release, and more!


Step 6 - Enjoy Hands-Off Registration.

Kimbrough Law manages the entire process, taking registrations online, by email, and by phone, communicating with you every step of the way. 


Step 7 - Reap the Rewards.

After the event, Kimbrough Law shares registrant information that you can use in future outreach initiatives. 

Community Education Delivered Your Schedule Your Six-Pack Webinar Series Today!


Contact Kimbrough Law at 706.850.6910 or to get started.

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