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Be ready for whatever life dishes out

I’m only 30 but I see the statistics on the costs of long- term care and I get worried. Is there anything I can do now to plan ahead for those costs so I don’t burden my kids?

I watched my dad turn himself inside out caring for his elderly mother. Does taking care of elderly parents have to be this way?

My sister and her husband were healthy and in their 40s. And then suddenly he had a stroke. They weren’t prepared and their experience was terrifying to watch. How can my husband and I make sure we’re ready?

Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them. And those curve balls can start early. If you were to come down with a sudden, unexpected illness, how would you provide for loved ones? If one of your parents was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another chronic illness, how would you manage his or her care on top of your already-busy life? Have you thought about how you might want your children to care for you as you age?

Kimbrough Law—Preparing You for Life on Life’s Terms

Our proactive estate planning and elder law tools, financial planning strategies and long-term care insurance products will keep you in the driver’s seat on the road to your future.

Sidelined by an unexpected medical crisis?  You’re ready.

Your spouse develops a chronic illness?  You’re ready.

Your parents need nursing home care?  You’re ready.

No matter what happens—you’re ready.


Kimbrough Law. We’ll get you ready.

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