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North Georgia’s Most Trusted Elder Law Firm


Kimbrough Law was launched by William H. (Kim) Kimbrough, Jr. after he experienced a sudden, life-changing illness. Today, his mission is to help others prepare for the unexpected.

Kimbrough Law is an elder law and estate planning firm that helps families respond with confidence to the legal, financial and personal challenges of aging, chronic illness and disability. Our firm’s services, products and tools empower clients to plan ahead for the many unknowns during the long-term care journey. All of our work is based on a holistic planning model, which takes into account all facets of the client’s situation before suggesting a plan of action.

The breadth of services we provide is characterized by the knowledge and expertise typically found in larger law firms only, as well as the individual attention and direct access available in small firm settings only. Unlike other law firms, we are proactive, rather than reactive, and are quick to show our clients what they can and should do instead of waiting for their direction. The personal, client-centered approach we take with every aspect of our planning is not just an added bonus – it’s the foundation of our firm.

Long-term relationship building has been the hallmark of Kimbrough Law since day one. From the outset, we want you to feel comfortable with whatever advice and services we may provide. We begin by listening closely to your concerns and goals, investing the time to understand you and your objectives. Then, we outline your options and any possible tax implications in clear and understandable terms. Finally, we present our suggested action plan given your particular circumstances. The decisions, though, are ultimately yours to make.

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice when you work with us is that we’re a law firm that offers much more than legal services. This gives you unprecedented power to respond to ALL the challenges created by long life, chronic illness and disability.

Some of those problems are legal. Kim Kimbrough will provide the expertise needed to craft legal solutions that safeguard the client’s interests. Other problems are financial in nature, especially when it comes to finding ways to pay for long-term care. Our firm is equipped to provide advice, support and products that work seamlessly with our legal solutions. There’s also the client’s personal well-being to consider. That’s where our care coordinators enter the picture. They work closely with families to develop solutions to enhance quality of life for the older adults while easing caregiving burdens on the family.

All members of our team work together to create the kind of positive experience most people don’t expect to find at a law firm. Think all law firms are the same? Come see us first – and then tell us what you think.

Contact us today to schedule your family consultation. 706.850.6910 

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