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Will Your Documents Be Available When You Need Them?

It’s impossible to predict when or where you’ll need your Advance Directives and other critical documents. DocuBank® gives you the peace of mind that such vital documents are at your fingertips 24/7, worldwide.
Instant Access to Vital Documents 


The DocuBank Emergency Card helps to ensure that your medical wishes are known and respected when it counts.  DocuBank SAFE allows you to upload and store those documents that you want quick, convenient, access to online. Keeping documents within reach.  Around the clock, around the world.

DocuBank Emergency Card: Your Vital Information in an Instant


Three out of four times that people need their advance directives, these important medical documents are not available.  At these critical medical moments, hospitals need your healthcare power of attorney or living will (“Advance Directives”) to follow your wishes.  Your DocuBank Card protects your wishes and your loved ones.

How Does Your Card Work?
Simply give your card to the hospital staff.  They’ll use it to get your Advance Directives and medication list instantly by fax or the internet.  Your card also shows them your allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact, so you can receive the best treatment possible.

Peace of Mind 24/7/365
You rest easy in that your wishes will always be known -- no matter where you are.  Your loved ones can be alerted if your card is used.  And, you know that in an emergency your family won’t need to leave your side to go home for your Advance Directives.  They can stay by your side and focus on something much more important: you. 

Medical Alerts

The DocuBank Card lists important medical conditions and allergy information so that they are immediately available at the hospital. The name and contact information of one emergency contact also appears on the face of the card. In addition, your card allows access to a complete list of your current medications and a highlight of your medical story.

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