Customized Solutions = More Control

Kimbrough Law draws from a powerful array of legal tools, financial products, and care-related services to create customized solutions for clients of all ages. Deployed in plans appropriate for each client’s unique needs, these tools and services empower you and your family to develop proactive plans that will greatly minimize (and even eliminate) long-term care worries in the future.


  • Legal:  Elder Law, Life Care Planning, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Advance Directives, Probate, Small Estate Administration, Trust Administration & Distribution, Dispute Resolution

  • Financial:  Estate Planning, Asset Protection, VA Benefits, Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Products,  Medicaid Qualification

  • Personal:  Care Coordination, Assistance with Housing Transitions, Care Advocacy, Family Meeting Facilitation, Caregiver Guidance 


Unique Perspective = More Options

At Kimbrough Law, we view our clients’ life journeys as a series of “seasons,” each with its own set of opportunities and challenges. The earlier a family starts working with us, the more options the family will have, and the more likely the family will be able to avoid the financial, legal and personal catastrophes typically experienced by families that fail to plan ahead.

Which season defines you?

Click on the phrase below that best describes you to see how we help.



Put Kimbrough Law's tools and perspective to work for you today and enjoy peace of mind tomorrow.

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