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Safeguard Your Investment

Keeping Your Plan Updated Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable

If you have taken that important first step toward peace of mind by investing in a customized plan by Kimbrough Law, why not make that cherished peace of mind last even longer with Kimbrough Law’s Legacy Protection?  


Whether you have an estate plan, an asset protection plan, or a long-term care plan, Kimbrough Law's Legacy Protection gives you a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your plan up to date when laws or circumstances change. You’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including many free services. The money you save by using just one of the benefits will more than offset the annual investment. In other words, it pays for itself.



Don’t let your Asset Protection Plan, Long-Term Care Plan,
or Estate Plan become obsolete.


Kimbrough Law’s Legacy Protection helps you overcome the risks of uncertainty. In addition to peace of mind and accessibility in an emergency, members receive the following: 

  • Annual client meeting and plan updates -  Each year, we have a meeting for you designed to keep both you and your family current with the ever-changing legal environment.

  • Trust Assets - We'll help ensure that your trust continues to be properly funded, including new accounts, assets, etc. 

  • DocuBank® - Its membership includes a customized card with your emergency contact information and secure access to your vital medical information online or by phone, including medications, allergies, and advance medical directives. 

  • Clio Connect is our secure client portal, which eliminates worries about safeguarding and keeping track of all that paper. This allows easy access to your documents at the click of a mouse or touch of a button. 

  • Amendments to your estate plan related to designation changes, such as trustees, personal representatives, agents or guardians, as needed.

  • Consultation with an Elder Care Coordinator if your life situation changes and you need guidance.

  • A final meeting with your heirs to discuss next steps should you pass away.

  • Notary services.

  • Waiver of travel fees for signing of estate planning documents (within in a 25-mile radius of office).


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