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A Better Way to Care for the Dying

A survey conducted by The Economist in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation demonstrates the huge gap between the type of end-of-life care people say they want, and the type of care they are most likely to receive. In a recent piece, The Economist explores these results and the momentum behind efforts to move beyond just fighting death to focusing on what matters most to patients. "The paradox of modern medicine is that people are living longer, and yet doing so with more disease. Death is rarely either quick or painless. Often it is traumatic. As the end nears, people tend to have goals that matter more than eking out every last second. But too few are asked what matters most to them."

If this article makes you think about your own end-of-life planning, Kimbrough Law can help you get your affairs in order. Just give us a call at (706) 850-6910.

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