Why You Need a Care Coordinator

Elder Care Coordinator Emily McCord explains the top three reasons families can benefit from the services of a care coordinator. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

Today is Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. To commemorate this most solemn of observances, Dr. David J. Shulkin, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, offers this heartfelt Memorial Day message. *** This Memorial Day weekend, tens of thousands of Americans will visit our national cemeteries to pay their respects and to honor the fallen. Moving observances, including “Avenues of Flags,” color guards, gravesite flags, concerts and choirs, and historic displays, will be conducted by Veterans Service Organizations, local community groups, and civic associations. At Natchez National Cemetery in Mississippi and Grafton National Cemetery

Medicare vs Medicaid

What's the difference between these two important public benefit programs? Attorney Bayli Fields explains. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

What matters most at life's end?

What do people want most in their final months? A new survey by The Economist and the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that nearly 90% of Americans believe that not burdening their family financially at the end of their life is extremely important or very important to them. Fewer than 50% gave the same importance to living as long as possible. This article explains more about the survey and its findings. If you're serious about wanting to shield your family from financial burdens connected to your long-term care, now is the time to start planning. The professionals at Kimbrough Law can help. This video explains how.

Ladies Tea

Elder Care Coordinator Bre Simmons joined female residents of Merryvale Assisted Living for their second annual Ladies' Tea on May 11. The venue was transformed into a tropical paradise and the ladies of Merryvale were a lovely site decked out in their springtime finery.

What I Do as an Elder Care Coordinator

What does an elder care coordinator do? Bre Simmons explains what makes her job so rewarding. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

Where Will Your Loved One Live?

Attorney Kim Kimbrough, Elder Care Coordinator Bre Simmons, and Cindy Archer, Executive Director of Bentley Assisted Living, join host Gayla Zee to talk about residential living options in this episode of Getting Ready that aired on Sunday, April 23, 2017 on 103.7 Chuck FM.

Why Visit a Person Who Doesn't Remember You?

Dementia Friends Champion Natalie talks through an interesting analogy that can help you to understand the way dementia affects a person and why it's vital to continue to visit your loved one even though he or she may not recognize you.

Can Meditation Help Caregivers?

By Rosanne Burke, PAC Certified Independent Trainer Do you meditate? Do you know people who do? Meditation is a practice that is gaining in popularity. An increasing number of people are interested in learning how to meditate and how to incorporate meditation into their busy lives. The practice of meditation, however is not new. It has been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Science in recent years has been catching up in terms of proving its many benefits. What exactly is meditation and mindfulness? What role can it play in improving our health? Meditation is a mind-body practice and in simple terms, it means being aware and focusing our attention. Mindfulness is the a

Conversations with Kim: Providing Comfort to Clients

For many people who work with attorneys, the words "law firm" and "comfort" might not belong together. But at Kimbrough Law, providing comfort to clients and their families is one of the primary objectives. Attorney Kim Kimbrough explains. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

Scam of the Week: Card Skimming Theft

Debit/credit card skimming is on the rise because it is easy for scammers. Card skimming happens when thieves "skim" your credit or debit card information using a device that affixes to a card reader on something like an ATM machine or gas station pump. It blends in with the existing equipment well enough that unsuspecting consumers never notice it. It is difficult to detect because the criminals place the skimming device over existing card reader slots. Once, you slide your card, the device captures your account information. Some also have a tiny camera to see your PIN as you enter it. Once they obtain your card information, it only costs scammers a small amount to order a card online that

Where the Magic Happens

Elder Care Coordinator Emily McCord explains what sets Kimbrough Law apart when it comes to planning for the care of elderly loved ones. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

What Does It Mean to Have a Good Day?

Dr. Lachlan Forrow, MD, advisor to The Conversation Project, talks about what it means to his patients to have a good day. One terminally ill patient, Dolly Baker, says that for her a good day is one where she is able to sing.

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