Five Sweet Gifts: Unexpected Blessings from Caregiving

Are you a caregiver to a loved one? Were you thrust into the role when you least expected it? Illness of a loved one often comes out of the blue and it can affect many aspects of both the person’s life and the lives of the people around them. For yourself, one of those changes may be that you have a new job title, that of caregiver. There is no doubt that caregiving is difficult work. Many people feel ill equipped for this new role. There is often no one to turn to for help and no one gives you a manual to tell you what to do. Will you make some mistakes along the way? Most likely. It’s okay, you’re human. We often hear about the burdens of caregiving, and the demands that it places on peop

Five Signs That It’s Time to Step Up and Help Your Parents

Your mom or dad has been living in their house for fifty years. Everything seemed to be going along well but lately a few things are creeping up that you’re concerned about. Is it really anything to be worried about or are you just making a mountain out of a molehill? Here are 5 signs that it may be time for you to step up and talk to your parents about your concerns. You’re worried about their safety. You notice that they leave the stove on or the door unlocked. You notice that they’re not eating very well. Even when you leave meals for them, they go uneaten. You throw out a lot of food. You’re worried that they will fall or they have already had a fall. You know they are not always taking

A Mother and Son's Journey with Dementia

This powerful weekly video series was created by an Ohio man who documented his mother's journey with early-onset dementia. If a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you'll want to watch this. Better yet, subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch the whole series.

Five Tips for Caring for Someone You Don’t Like

Caring for a loved one is difficult. Caring for someone you don’t like is an even greater challenge. Perhaps it’s a parent or step-parent who was abusive. Or a brother who was never there for you. Or someone you just don’t get along with. We all know you can love someone but not like them. Now the person is sick and you feel like you can’t abandon them despite the feelings you have toward them. How do you spend so much time in the company of a person you don’t like let alone care for them and help meet their basic needs during this difficult time? Here are five tips: Get help. Every caregiver should make it a goal of building a support network. Many people make heroic efforts to care for so

The Bottom or Top Quartile: How Does Georgia Rank for Senior Care?

As the Baby Boom generation ages, they and their caregivers are finding that the care they think they'll receive doesn't always measure up to expectations. The quality of care you or an elderly loved one will receive depends on a number of factors, including (surprisingly), where you live. Picking Up the Pace of Change: Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard, 2017 Edition takes a multidimensional approach to measure state-level performance of long-term services and supports (LTSS) systems that assist older people, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers. The Scorecard aims to pick up the pace of improving LTSS and measures system performance from the viewpoint of service users an

Two out of three U.S. adults have not completed an advance directive

Advance directives are the primary tool for individuals to communicate their wishes if they become incapacitated and are unable to make their own health care decisions, particularly near the end of life. Despite this, 63 percent of American adults have not completed one, reports the most comprehensive study to date on the subject. Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania shared their findings earlier this month in the July issue of Health Affairs. Here are a few key findings: Most people put it off. Among more than 795,000 Americans who were part of 150 different studies, 63 percent had not completed any advance directive. Only 29.3 percent had complet

Kim Kimbrough to Present VA Program at Avery Place on July 25

Could someone you love be eligible for VA benefits? It's a question that millions of older adults and their family caregivers should be asking. The sad reality is that millions of elderly veterans are eligible for VA benefits to help offset the cost of long-term care. But they don't realize that these benefit programs even exist. If you or someone you care about spent any time at all in the military, you owe it to yourself to stop by Avery Place on July 25. Attorney Kim Kimbrough, North Georgia's foremost expert on VA benefits, will be talking about VA benefits, who qualifies, and how to access these vital programs. RSVP by this Saturday, July 22 to reserve your seat. Call 678.386.7786.

Watch Out for Gift Card Scams

Don’t judge the card by its package. Consider the case of Kenneth. He has two grandsons in another state that he does not get to see as often as he would like. For holidays and special occasions he likes to send them gift cards to say he is thinking of them. During Christmastime, he purchased a major brand gift card from a big box store and mailed it to his grandsons. The boys are very young so their mother was responsible for the gift card. When she opened the sealed packaging, she realized that her dad and sons had been scammed. A crook took a photocopy of the original card’s barcode, affixed that copy to a different, worthless gift card, and put the worthless gift card back into the packa

Signs You Need a Life Care Plan

Could your elderly loved one benefit from a Life Care Plan? Elder Care Coordinator Bre Simmons outlines the most common signs that a Life Care Plan might be the right move for all concerned. View more educational videos on the Kimbrough Law YouTube Channel.

Opioid Addiction: Not Just a Young Person’s Problem

When you think about the kind of person who becomes addicted to pills, who comes to mind? If your first thought is a tattooed and pierced young person buying oxycontin on a dark street corner, you’re not alone. You might be surprised to learn that older Americans are using narcotic pain pills in surprisingly high numbers. Many are even becoming addicted. In my elder care law practice, we’re seeing a growing number of cases involving seniors who are addicted to opioids. In many cases, their drug dependence started with a legitimate prescription from a doctor. The numbers tell the story. Almost one-third of all Medicare patients — nearly 12 million people — were prescribed opioid painkillers b

How to Pack an Emergency Kit for Any Disaster

If you're caring for elderly loved ones and you’re worried about fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or even man-made disasters, now is the time to make your emergency plans. Those plans should also include an emergency go-bag, no matter where in the world you live. This informative article from The New York Times explains how to pack an emergency kit for any disaster.

Facts about Medicaid in Georgia

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide health and long-term care coverage to more than 70 million low-income children, pregnant women, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities in the United States. Medicaid is a major source of funding for hospitals, community health centers, physicians, and nursing homes. Federal policy proposals to restructure Medicaid could fundamentally change the scope and financing of the program. This two-page fact sheet shows key data for Medicaid in Georgia related to current coverage, access and financing. If someone you care for is on Medicaid, you may find this interesting.

Today is Independence Day

4th of July is here and it's time to celebrate! As you break out the grill, the hotdogs, and the fireworks, let these 25 fun facts about 4th of July help you get into the celebratory spirit!

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