5th Anniversary Reflections: Lisa Sparks

What was it like during Kimbrough Law's early days? What has changed in the last five years? Lisa Sparks, a paralegal who has been at Kimbrough Law since the beginning, reflects on the firm's history.

Sidestepping Scams

As more and more fraudsters target seniors, it has never been more important for family caregivers to be aware of the latest scams. Attorney Kim Kimbrough, attorney Bayli Fields, elder care coordinator Emily McCord, and LegacyLink marketing director Don Colombero join host Gayla Zee to talk about scams, schemes, and fraud aimed at older adults in this episode of Getting Ready that aired on Sunday, April 23, 2017 on 103.7 Chuck FM.

Kimbrough Law Celebrates Five Years in Business; Offers Free Document Reviews to Community on Sep. 1

Kimbrough Law is celebrating its fifth anniversary! In honor of the milestone, the firm will be offering free document review service in the Athens area on Sep. 19 and in the Gainesville area on Sep. 20. Individuals and families are invited to bring their wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, and other estate planning related documents for a no-cost review by a Kimbrough Law attorney. The firm known today as Kimbrough Law was launched in 2012 as The Kimbrough Law Firm when attorney William H. (Kim) Kimbrough, Jr., began offering estate planning and elder law services from a storefront on Baxter Street in Athens. The community response was swift and positive. To meet the demand, Kimb

Kim Kimbrough on WDUN

During his August 15, 2017 appearance on WDUN's Morning News, Kim Kimbrough talked to Bill and Joel about why planning ahead for elder care is so important, how you can make sure the nursing home doesn't get the house, and how the person-centered approach to caring for older adults creating an elder care revolution. LISTEN TO THE SEGMENT HERE. Kim Kimbrough appears weekly on WDUN's Morning News with Bill and Joel to answer questions about estate planning, elder law, long-term care planning, and more. Tune in on AM 550 or FM 102.9, or listen live at www.WDUN.com.

A New Way to Look at Wandering

When elderly loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer's disease wander, it can leave caregivers baffled and concerned. Is wandering always a cause for concern? Could it be serving a legitimate purpose for the elderly loved one? Dr. Jennifer Bute offers a thought-provoking alternative perspective on wandering in this short video.

Advance Care Planning & End-of-Life Decision Making

If something happened to you and you weren't able to make healthcare decisions for yourself, who would make them for you? Attorney Kim Kimbrough, attorney Bayli Fields, and elder care coordinator Bre Simmons join host Gayla Zee to talk about the importance of advance care planning and end-of-life decision making for people of all ages in this episode of Getting Ready that aired on Sunday, April 9, 2017 on 103.7 Chuck FM.

Enjoy the Eclipse Across America!

Today is the day we've all been waiting for: the Eclipse Across America. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was nearly a century ago, on June 8, 1918. We hope you're able to step outside to view the spectacle (through ISO-certified eclipse glasses, of course). The path of totality will pass just to the northeast of our Gainesville office. Many of our clients will be in the path of totality. As you prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, enjoy information and resources from NASA, the ultimate authority in celestial events. Read more interesting facts about the eclipse. All of us at Kimbrough Law wish you a safe and happy eclipse. May this event be a time of

Do You Really Need a Will?

Why take the time to create a will? Attorney Bayli Fields explains the two most important reasons to take care of this important legal document.

Are you doing elder care the old way?

Since the first humans roamed the earth, older people, the sick, and disabled have needed care. Over many millennia, the approach to elder care evolved and eventually coalesced into something like this: A person gets old and moves in with an adult child. Someone in that adult child’s family puts her life on hold to provide care for the elderly loved one. It’s usually a woman. There are no nursing homes assisted living centers, Medicare or Medicaid. It’s the family’s responsibility to meet all the older person’s needs until the elder dies. That model worked for a long time. But it doesn’t work anymore. Here’s why. Lifespan. The average person’s lifespan is no longer 45 or 50 years as it was

What is Caregiving?

Attorney Kim Kimbrough, elder care coordinator Bre Simmons, and Tyler Jefcoat, owner of Care to Continue, join host Gayla Zee to talk about caregiving in this episode of Getting Ready that aired on Sunday, May 14, 2017 on 103.7 Chuck FM.

Beware the NEW Social Security Scam

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has issued a warning to those receiving benefits. Scammers are calling from a 232 area code, claiming to be employees of the SSA. The con artists are telling the intended victims that they qualify for an increase in their Social Security benefits. At that point, the caller is asking for personal information like date of birth, social security number, name and address for verification purposes. This information is later used to change the victim's direct deposit details, phone number and address. The Social Security Administration stated that they WILL call for customer service; however, they will not ask for private information over the phone. If y

Dealing with Aggression in Alzheimer's Patients

Aggressive episodes. Hostile outbursts. If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, you've probably experienced these. When they happen, what can you do to defuse them? This woman leveraged her experience to develop a model to help herself and others navigate this difficult journey. She calls it BANGS, an acronym that describes ways to defuse aggressive episodes with people who are in the early, mid and even later stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This webinar explains the BANGS model, shows what may spark aggression in someone who lives with dementia of the Alzheimer's type, and explains what caregivers can do in response. “B” is for breathe “A” is for assess, accept and agree “N” reminds

What I wish I had known, WAY before I started our Medicaid application

If you're caring for an elderly loved one who might need Medicaid to fund long-term care in the future, now is the time to start planning for the day when he or she will start the application process. Medicaid's five-year look-back requirement is just one of the many obstacles you'll encounter. If you even THINK that you or someone you love might need to apply for Medicaid in the future, there are things you can do now to get ready. Families who try to apply on their own often make mistakes that end up delaying benefits or disqualifying the applicant altogether. One of the most common DIY mistakes happens when families attempt to "spend down" assets on their own without any guidance from pro

When You and Your Siblings Can’t Agree on an Elderly Parent’s Care

You can choose your friends. You can’t choose your family. Just because you grow up with someone doesn’t mean that you will be the best of friends when you become adults. Often, siblings do not see eye to eye, in particular when it comes to the care of a sick or aging parent. The stress of caring for a parent can bring out the worst in people. Navigating the health care system can be overwhelming. All too often families do not receive the support they need. They don’t know where to turn for help. Arguments arise within the family and communication breaks down. What begins as a stressful situation can quickly escalate into a crisis. Who truly knows what is best for mom and dad? What if you ca

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Kimbrough Law draws from a powerful array of legal tools, financial products, and care-related services to create customized solutions for clients of all ages. Deployed in plans appropriate for each client’s unique needs, these tools and services empower you and your family to develop proactive plans that will greatly minimize (and even eliminate) long-term care worries in the future.


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