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April 16 - 22 is National Healthcare Decisions Day

Learn more about advance care planning and end-of-life decision-making with these videos and resources. As you read, keep in mind that when it comes to your own advance care planning, the decisions you document today will help your loved ones avoid having to guess what you want. That's the best gift you can ever give. Videos

Have you confronted the elephant in the room?

Attorney Bayli Fields talks about the two most important reasons to have a will.

Elder Care Coordinator Emily McCord talks about palliative care.

Attorney Bayli Fields discusses the different types of Powers of Attorney.

Elder Care Coordinator Emily McCord talks about hospice care.

How do you start "the conversation" about care preferences or end-of-life wishes? This video offers some insights into the advance care planning process.

More Resources

If You Need a Bit of Extra Help...

If you want air-tight documentation of your wishes and care preferences, or you want to make sure that you've planned for every contingency, it can be useful to work with an attorney. At Kimbrough Law, we've been helping clients document their wishes and plan for every possibility for a very long time. We can help you, too. Just give us a call at 706.850.6910.

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