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Pack Your Bag

Are sudden trips to the Packing your bags ahead of time is one trick that works for many caregivers. Fill a gym bag with items you both will need in the event of an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Here's what to include:

  • Copies of the Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • List of current medications. Be sure to include dosage and frequency, and any over-the-counter medications

  • List of allergies, including to drugs and food. Make sure the list includes any medications that have caused a bad reaction in the past

  • List of your loved one's doctors, specialists, and other healthcare providers, along with contact information

  • List of friends/neighbors/family members you need to contact to make arrangements (e.g. someone to pick up your children from school, feed the dog, etc.)

  • Copies of insurance cards including Medicare

  • Extra pair of sweat pants

  • Extra Depends/adult briefs (some ERs don’t have adult briefs in their supply room)

  • Change for vending machines

  • Snack size packages of crackers and peanut butter, etc.

  • Books or magazines

  • Extra sweaters, one for you, too!

  • Create a badge that identifies you as POA and caregiver. That will keep you from having to identify yourself every time some new staff member walks into the room.

Pre-pack your gym bag and keep it in a convenient place, such as the trunk of your car or next to the back door of your house. Place it somewhere handy--and hope you never have to use it.

Questions about an elderly loved one's care? Kimbrough Law may be able to help. Just give us a call at 706.850.6910.

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