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Still Open! Using our Virtual Office to Assist Northeast Georgia

In the Fall of 2018, Kimbrough Law launched its Virtual Online Office. At the time, the firm had no idea how valuable this service would be to others. The Virtual Office allows people to have a secure, confidential meeting with one of the firm’s attorneys in the comfort of their own home.

To meet in Kimbrough Law’s Virtual Online Office, families need nothing more than a WIFI connection, and a smart phone, computer or digital device with a microphone or a camera. “If you’re comfortable talking to your kids or grandkids over Skype or FaceTime, participating in a virtual online meeting with Kimbrough Law will be easy,” Kimbrough noted.

Originally, Kimbrough intended for videoconferencing to help connect family decision-makers. Today, decision-makers can be scattered across the state, or even the country. As Mr. Kimbrough noted, “It’s common for a virtual meeting to include an older adult and caregivers here in Georgia, and relatives in other states or countries.” The Virtual Offices allow for participants to use both audio and visual, but if a person is camera shy, then they can participate with audio only.

Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Kimbrough Law is still ready and able to help Georgia families. For many, the pandemic has brought about many uncertainties, but the unknown is what Kimbrough Law helps people prepare for. As he recalls an unexpected, powerful stroke at the age of 48, Kimbrough knows that the unexpected can happen at any time. Kimbrough states, “It’s an honor and a privilege to help families in the Athens and Gainesville areas plan for many unknowns in life. We are still here to help people apply for VA, protect hard earned assets, file for Medicaid, or address their personal situation.”

To schedule an appointment in Kimbrough Law's Virtual Online Office, call 706-850-6910.

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