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My professional career consists of helping people to plan. For fifty years, I’ve tried to convince people that anything can happen. To use an old cliché: “Hope for the best but plan for the worst.” Then, in 1996, I got my “worst.” Thankfully, I had planned for the unexpected. A stroke at age 48 was certainly that. So I’ve begun a new blog addressing these vital considerations.

Now, with COVID-19, the time is ripe to consider planning ahead. My series of blogs will address situations you might not have thought of before. So much can happen that is unforeseen but can wreck your life. Why not at least read about some of the preventative solutions to problems that may just arise?

I will be writing a regular commentary on ways to protect yourself and your family from what may happen to you. Read at your own discretion. My hope is that you will pay attention to these posts, as you never know what’s about to happen. We’re seeing the unexpected now for which we’re obviously unprepared. Think about that.

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