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Allie Adkins is Sworn In as a Licensed Attorney

Allie Adkins with Hailey Brock and Kim Kimbrough after the swearing in ceremony.

Allie Adkins has cleared the last hurdle in her journey to be a licensed attorney.

On November 14th, she completed her swearing in ceremony. Family, friends, and mentors watched as the Honorable Lawton Stephens administered the oath of office to Allie in the Athens-Clarke County Superior Court.

Allie takes the oath of office with the Honorable Lawton Stephens.

The swearing in ceremony is the final step in the road to becoming a practicing attorney. Every lawyer in the country must be sworn in and take their state’s oath of attorney. This oath binds each attorney to certain professional obligations and requires lawyers to faithfully uphold and support the laws of our state and our country.

Hailey Brock, Sheryl Kimbrough, and Kim Kimbrough attended to watch Allie clear her final hurdle on the journey to becoming a lawyer.

"Allie passed the Georgia bar exam in October and was sworn in to practice on November 14th in Athens," said Hailey Brock, one of the partners at Kimbrough Law. "We could not be prouder of her! Kimbrough Law is very fortunate to have such a bright, compassionate attorney as part of our team. We are excited and grateful that she will be putting her many gifts to use serving our clients."

Allie's family and friends gathered on the steps of the court house after the ceremony.

Allie considers it a privilege to be a licensed attorney. "The swearing in ceremony represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to become a lawyer," she said. "I'm excited to be starting my legal career with Kimbrough Law."

Allie poses for a photo op outside the courthouse after the swearing in ceremony.


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