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Kim's Thoughts: Could You Lose Everything?

Ever thought that, all of a sudden, you could lose everything you own?

Drive to Atlanta and count the lawyers’ billboards or watch the Atlanta news; every other commercial is a lawyer’s. Those lawyers are plaintiffs’ lawyers, looking for you, to take everything you have.

Let’s say: You have a car wreck, are at fault, and somebody gets hurt; You have rental property; somebody gets hurt on the premises; You have a party at your house and somebody gets hurt there.

That SOMEBODY hires a lawyer, gets a $5 million judgment against you, and you have now lost your car, the rental property, your home, and everything else.

There has been a recent jury verdict in Greene County giving the plaintiff $15 million. If you were the defendant, what would happen to you? You may say, “That won’t happen to me!” I hope it won’t; but if it does, it would be too late for you. And you cannot have enough insurance to protect everything.

We have found ways that can basically bullet-proof your assets. So, nobody can get to them, and you can have peace of mind knowing you have done all you can do and do the right thing to your family and yourself.

Just give us a call.


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