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Dad Couldn’t Live By Himself Anymore

Our Dad had been living alone in Valdosta, Georgia. Then COVID hit. We were concerned that the people coming to clean his house would bring COVID in, so we encouraged him to come up here to Athens to live with us temporarily. Fortunately, he agreed. He was 95 when he moved into our home.

Once COVID was over, we realized that Dad couldn’t live by himself anymore. He wouldn’t be going back to Valdosta, which meant his house there would be vacant. We didn’t want that, so we arranged to speak with Kimbrough Law about the options left to us.

It was then that we started thinking about keeping the house and asset protection. He also had other investments which we wanted to protect, so a second Trust was in order according to the experts at Kimbrough Law. We met with Kim Kimbrough and Hailey Brock, who recommended that we protect our Dad’s assets by putting them in a trust, so, that’s what we did.

Hailey drew up a Trust for us to cover each of our concerns. Whenever we had any questions, she would call us back right away. The firm’s customer service was phenomenal. Hailey even worked with our accountant on tax issues related to the Trust.

Eventually, Dad’s health deteriorated to the point where he needed more support than we could provide at home, so we talked to Kimbrough Law about purchasing a Life Care Plan for him. That’s when we started working with Robin Lacrimosa, one of the firm’s life care coordinators. Robin helped us find the right assisted living facility for him and, once he was settled, she stopped by to visit him about once a week to make sure he was okay. She even brought him milkshakes, which he loved, and she ended up becoming a close friend of his. We were very grateful to have Robin because she was another set of eyes to make sure that the assisted living facility was doing everything they were supposed to be doing.

Mentally, Dad was pretty with it, right until the end. He passed away in January 2023 a week or so shy of his 98th birthday. When he did pass, the work we had done with Kimbrough Law made things a whole lot easier. We were able to avoid probate and then were able to dissolve each of the Trusts as the assets were depleted. It could not have gone much easier.

Kimbrough Law was a Godsend for us. People might think that you need to have a net worth of millions of dollars to be able to afford these services, but you don’t. My Dad did well for himself, but didn’t have a multimillion-dollar estate, but it worked out great, for us and for him. I have nothing but praise for Kimbrough Law. They are good people and I loved working with them.

John Beverstein

Athens, GA


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