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Dad Kept Putting Things Off

When it comes to estate planning, Dad kept saying he was going to take care of it himself, and he never did. About two years ago, I could see that his inaction was going to create problems, so I did what I could to help. I went to an online legal service and created a Will for him. I knew that this was just a stopgap measure because there were other estate documents he needed. He also needed help qualifying for VA Pension Aid and Attendance.

Kimbrough Law was able to help us with everything. They told us exactly what to do and helped us do it. We were able to put Dad’s house in a trust, sell the house out of the trust, and then make me the trustee of the trust that contained the proceeds from the sale. Hailey Brock helped us with the nuances of the situation, including the tax implications. She made sure we did everything the right way and explained things in layman’s terms when either my dad or I had questions. Dad’s estate isn't overly complex, but it was good to know that other than me sitting down doing something in Legal Zoom, we actually had something that was a little more thoughtful and tailored for our needs and concerns. Having those documents in place gave peace of mind to all of us that we had adequately dealt with all the potential situations that could occur.

It cost us a little more to go with Kimbrough Law than doing it ourselves, but there’s no way we could have gotten everything done correctly without their expertise. At the end of the day, the benefit from working with Kimbrough Law more than offset what we paid them.

Working with Mary Jo Johnson has been great. She has worked in the elder care field for a long time, not just as a care coordinator, but also as a director at assisted living and memory care facilities. She knows what makes a facility good—and not so good. We have appreciated her advice and counsel about where to place my dad.

Mary Jo also brings a lot of compassion. She really cares for the individuals she's working with. She also does a great job of kind of keeping us kids in the loop. She says it's good to work with us because there are four of us kids, and we work well together. I take a lead on certain things, my sister takes the lead in other areas, and there’s no infighting. She doesn’t have to mediate any disputes. When issues arise with my dad, Mary Jo does a good job of communicating the issue and providing a range of potential options. She gives us confidence that things are in order. She is also great at working with other providers my dad needs. For example, Dad recently moved to hospice, and Mary Jo arranged to have him transported there. She also coordinates with the hospice team.

We are so glad that we found Kimbrough Law. Hailey, Mary Jo, and the entire team have been a blessing.

Chris H.


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