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Favorite Springtime Rituals

The buttercups and hyacinths have come (and gone). Springtime is finally here. What is your favorite spring ritual? We posed this question to members of the Kimbrough Law staff. Here's what they said.

Allie Adkins, Associate Attorney

I love springtime! The pretty flowers and sunshine are always welcome after the winter. I’ll take pollen over cold mornings any day! When I think of the spring season, I think of planting flowers, family time, and Easter. These are my purple azaleas and I love watching them bloom two times during the spring. I also love going to church with my husband, and having an Easter lunch with family after. Lastly, I enjoy doing Easter activities like egg hunts and picnics with my niece Annabeth!

Mary Jo Johnson, Life Care Coordinator

What I enjoy most about spring is the feeling that nature comes alive. Spring is a time to appreciate when budding blossoms burst open with color and being outdoors is a sensory delight with the sights, sounds and smells. This is a time when the joys of gardening and filling bird feeders makes the yard feel like your very own paradise. My favorite spring time tradition is our family Easter gathering with the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews enjoying the excitement of waking up early to find their very own hidden Easter baskets. Then, the adults have fun filling and hiding the Easter Eggs in strategic locations for the kids to scramble about, each one racing to be the one to collect the most. A colorful array of plastic eggs all over the yard, in bushes and trees, hiding behind fence posts and lawn ornaments, and under rocks. But more importantly, Easter was a time of dressing up and attending Church to celebrate the risen Christ. We could always count on Grandma organizing a Church or family Easter pageant so the kids realized the true reason for the season, similar to her tradition at Christmastime.

Robin Lacrimosa, Life Care Coordinator

I love going outside for a walk and seeing everyone’s flowers blooming. I am not much of a gardener so I just go out and enjoy everyone else’s hard work! These pics are from the Athens Botanical Gardens during the first week of March.

Amanda Collins, Paralegal

The spring weather is perfect for catching a baseball game! My family and I go every chance we get.


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