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How I Managed My Dad's Care

When we first came to Kimbrough Law, we were looking for help with legal transactions. We didn’t realize that we had bigger problems than just not having the right documents. With all of us kids living out of town, we needed an ongoing relationship with a team who could help us with everything. Kimbrough Law is that team.

I've seen other people with elderly parents try to manage things without help from a care coordinator. They end up taking on a lot of burden themselves. Their visits home turn into caregiving work sessions. Doctors’ appointments. Home repairs. Shopping. Cooking. Constant problem-solving. If I didn't have Mary Jo, that’s what would happen to me and my siblings. We would come to visit and end up spending all our time taking care of things for Dad. Don't get me wrong, those things are important. But if Mary Jo can oversee the people who are taking care of these things, I get to spend my precious moments with my dad as his son, rather than a caregiver. That’s worth a lot to me.

Some people think it’s impossible to plan for the care of an older parent, but you must plan for the future, even if your parent resists. If your parent doesn’t want to talk about the future, you can still plan. It starts with knowing what your options are. Where might your parent live to get the care and services they need when it’s no longer safe to live at home? How will that care be financed? Who will make sure your parent gets good care? Who will manage their financial and legal affairs?

You can learn about your options in two ways: you can do the research yourself, which takes time and effort, or you can work with a team of experts who already know what the options are and can help you choose the ones that work best for your situation.

I always tend to think about options as points on a spectrum. What's the difference between independent living versus assisted living versus where my dad's at now, which is hospice care? Kimbrough Law helped me get answers to those questions. Now, I’m much more informed, and that’s a good thing. My dad isn’t the only person in my life with elder care issues. I help my mom. I help my in-laws. My experience with everyone at Kimbrough Law has taught me that when you understand your options, you make better decisions. I’m grateful for all they have done for my dad—and my family.

Chris H.


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