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Kim's Thoughts: Are We Just Elder Law Attorneys?

Most people see us as elder law attorneys, helping old people. We do – but we do much more. Our tag line is: “Strategic Planning for the Generations.” And, that’s what we want to do.

We take a holistic view for our planning for the family. I have an unusual perspective, different from other lawyers, so I am looking for clients’ well-being differently from other lawyers. My education and experience allows me to deal with tax issues and planning, estate planning, real estate strategies, helping with Medicaid and VA planning, looking to the future for long term care for clients before they need it and helping them to be in a position to receive what they need and pay for it without having to mortgage the family’s future, physically, mentally or financially.

But, really, the main difference from me and others. Twenty-five years ago, I had a massive stroke that could have killed me, but simply paralyzed my right side and left me not being able to talk, read or write.

After fifteen years of therapy, I found a purpose for my life – to give comfort any way I can for my people, you. So, that is why we are looking out for your family’s well-being.


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