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My Favorite Mother's Day Memory

Mother's Day is a special time of year for those of us who have the privilege of being Mom to someone.

What is your favorite Mother's Day memory? We posed this questions to the Moms on the Kimbrough Law staff. Here's what they told us.

Mary Jo Johnson, Life Care Coordinator

Mother's Day falls on different dates each year. My favorite is when my special day as a mother falls on May 14th, the day I gave birth to my firstborn. So far, his birthday and Mother's Day have been on the same day five times in his life: 1989 (3 yrs old), 1995 (9 yrs. old), 2000 (14 yrs. old), 2006 (20 yrs. old), and 2017 (31 yrs. old). Out of curiosity, I looked up the peculiar pattern for which it falls. If it weren't for leap year, it would land on the 14th every seven years. Needless to say, we always enjoy celebrating our special bond gathering with loved ones and the joy spring brings following our Michigan winters. My mother always took such care and attention to make birthdays special, so when Mother's day was shared with my son's birthday, it was extra special.

Donna Rotella, Paralegal

The Mother’s Day memory that was SO cute and I also found funny was actually a few years in a row. I have one child, Dominick, and when he was about 6 years old, he started making me my Mother’s Day card and did for years! He would make me a Mother’s Day card out of construction paper using crayons, markers, etc., very crafty! (He always insisted on making all his cards 😊) but every card for YEARS, ALWAYS said the exact same thing, verbatim! He would write “Dear Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do for me. I love you! From, your son, Dominick Rotella.” I always knew what the card was going to say before I opened it for years😊 and thought it was funny that he would always end it with “your son” and would sign it with his first and last name! Haha! I guess he felt the need to remind me that he was my son and include his last name too, maybe he thought I forgot who “my son” was??!

Alisa Stewart, Firm Administrator

A favorite Mother’s Day memory is hard to come by because I feel loved and supported on not only Mother’s day, but most every day of the year. It is hard to come up with one specific memory. However, there is one Mother’s Day that stands out to me. My husband and his buddy planned a day on the lake on our friend’s houseboat. The men were in charge of every aspect of the event. My friend and I were treated royally. The men invited our mothers and children, and we went on a cruise around the lake while sipping cocktails and waiting for our steaks to be grilled. It was a special treat and a perfect day in every way!


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