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Notable Clients: Jack Beverstein

Navy veteran and former FBI agent Jack Beverstein is a resident at Orchard Senior Living.

Editor's Note: This article is the second in a series featuring Kimbrough Law clients who have done big things out in the world.

World War II veteran. FBI agent. That’s Jack Beverstein, a man with a colorful history.

Jack was in the U.S. Navy during that war, spending most of his time stationed in the Philippines. His job was to load bombs onto planes. “We were the forward base where the planes would land, take on bombs, then go into their mission,” said Jack, who held the rank of Airman Third Class when he was discharged in 1945.

Utilizing the G.I. Bill to transition to civilian life, Jack attended Indiana University and received a business degree. He later attended law school, passed the bar, and was admitted to practice in the state of Indiana.

After law school, Jack decided to join the FBI. He was a Special Agent and did a bit of everything. He apprehended fugitives, investigated cases, and many other things. One famous case involved a young woman who was buried alive. He managed to locate the burial site and save the woman's life. He performed investigative work on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and covered the funeral march for Dr. King as well as the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama march.

During the Civil Rights era, Jack and another Special Agent were appointed to cover the Ku Klux Klan for the entire state of Georgia. Jack’s role: to recruit prospective informants and embed them in the Ku Klux Klan so the FBI could monitor Klan activities and head off potential problems. “I was going out and putting people into the Klan,” Jack recalled. “Our goal was to get at least two informants in every Klan chapter so neither one knew who the other one was.”

In November 2022 Jack received a quilt from the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

To recruit prospective informants, Jack used a variety of tactics. “Mainly we would convince them it was the best thing they could do to help their country,” he said. “Some people were motivated by money, but the majority were motivated by patriotism.”

After 25 years with the FBI, Jack retired from service and took a job in security for Valdosta State College. Today Jack lives at Orchard Senior Living in Athens, where he is the facility’s oldest living World War II veteran.

Jack’s son, John, said that the Kimbrough Law staff has provided important support to Jack and his family. “Hailey Brock has been great to work with, and Robin Lacrimosa has been invaluable about checking in with my dad to make sure everything is okay. We are very happy with everything.”

To watch Jack Beverstein talk about his life before and after World War II, visit and search for Jack Beverstein.


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