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Things I Love about Life Care Planning

Robin Lacrimosa likes a lot about Life Care Planning

What do I like most about Life Care Planning?

How much room do I have? I could go on and on.

First, Life Care Planning serves a niche market that is often overlooked: older adults. These are people who have worked their whole life to basically make our world what it is. As they age, they are completely forgotten and overlooked, yet so deserving of care.

Second, I love Life Care Planning because it fills a massive area of unmet need for older clients and their family caregivers. Life Care Planning meets those needs in a way that nothing else does. Earlier in my career, I was a social worker in a hospital emergency department, and I worked at an adult day center. I would get calls all the time from people who were confused and overwhelmed. A lot of times they're already in crisis, meaning that the older adult couldn’t live at home anymore. The family had no idea what to do. The Life Care Planning process can solve all those problems.

Third, I love Life Care Planning because it addresses the fragmented nature of our current system for elder care, if you can even call it a “system.” The way things are today, a family caregiver has to do a lot of running around to different providers to cobble together a plan. It's so much harder than it has to be, and people fall through the cracks. A Life Care Planning Law Firm gives families a way to access all the services and support they need under one roof. When I was being interviewed for the position of Life Care Coordinator, the role I’m in today, I met with Mr. Kimbrough, the founder of Kimbrough Law. He told me that he started offering Life Care Planning because he got tired of having to tell people that all he could do for them was legal work when he knew they had so many more problems. That really made an impression on me.

Fourth, I love how Life Care Planning offers a complete solution to the legal, financial, and personal problems created by aging, long-term illness, and disability. The lawyers help you figure out how to best use your assets to have a good quality of life. The Life Care Coordinators help you decide what that quality of life looks like and how to make it possible. It all starts by clarifying the client’s goals. For instance, if you want to stay at home as long as possible, how are we going to make that happen? My knowledge of the resources combined with the attorneys’ knowledge of the legal and financial tools gives you a way to create a plan to age in place in the best possible way.

Finally, having a Life Care Plan like having a guide taking you through an unbelievably complicated labyrinth. I love the maze analogy. You're going to have dead ends; you're going to have wrong turns. You want to get from one point to the next in the best possible way, and I’m your guide. I know the path. I know most of the shortcuts. My goal is to guide you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

It’s incredibly satisfying work. I love working for a Life Care Planning Law Firm!

To put the power of a Life Care Planning Law Firm to work for your elderly loved one, call 706.850.6910 to schedule a family consultation with Kimbrough Law.


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