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We Specialize in Hand Holding during the Estate Planning Process

Kimbrough Law has an estate planning service you won’t see listed in the dropdown menu on our website.

Kimbrough Law has a service you won’t see listed in the dropdown menu on our website.

That service is hand holding.

We hold your hand through every step of the estate planning process.

The handholding starts from the moment you walk through the front door. We help you think through what you want your estate plan to accomplish. We talk about your goals, your preferences, family dynamics, and more. We ask about all your assets, even the ones you may have forgotten about. We ask how each asset is titled. If an asset has beneficiaries, we explain what will happen to that asset after you pass away given the current structure of your estate plan. We check to make sure that’s what you want. If it’s not, we change it.

Next, we create an estate plan that accomplishes what you want it to accomplish.

After your estate plan is created, you leave our office with a written list of everything you need to take care of to make sure that your plan will work the way you want it to.

Why do we do this?

We do this because we care about you. We know what it’s like to sit down with a lawyer who gives you a list of 50 things you need to do. It’s hard to remember everything you hear in a meeting. We want your estate plan to work exactly as intended, so we lay out exactly what you need to do.

Yes, there’s a little work involved. For example, if your estate plan includes a Trust, you must fund that Trust. We can’t do it for you. We can't change beneficiary designations for you. We can't move your accounts. We don't have any authority to change ownership of things that you own other than real estate. What we CAN do is facilitate the process. We give you a list of tasks to complete, including detailed instructions. If you have questions, call us and we will explain what you need to do.  When it comes to implementing an estate plan, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Are you ready to create or update your estate plan while feeling supported every step of the way? Kimbrough Law can help. Call 706.850.6910 to schedule a confidential consultation.


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