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What is Your New Year's Resolution?

What are Kimbrough Law staff members hoping to do better in the new year? We posed this question to a few members of the staff. Here's what they said:

Kim Kimbrough, Attorney & Founder

I am determined to finish and publish my memoir, so my readers can see how a tragedy can transform a life from ordinary to extraordinary, for good.

Alisa Stewart, Office Administrator

My New Year’s resolution is to travel more!

Mary Jo Johnson, Life Care Coordinator

My resolution is to make a habit of listening to pod casts of interests. So much to learn and be inspired by when reading is not an option. First I need to build and grow my online library of choices!

Kathy Ogle, Client Relations Coordinator

I’m going to attempt to curb my shopping and social media habits!

Donna Rotella, Paralegal

I will give up eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the year!


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