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What's It Going to Cost?

what's it going to cost?

"How much is it going to cost?"

We hear this question from most potential clients. They ask it on the phone even before they make an appointment. They ask it in the reception area before their consultation. They ask it as soon as they sit down with us for their initial consultation.

How much is it going to cost?

Most people aren’t used to talking to lawyers, and many are afraid they’re going to have to mortgage the house to pay the legal bill.

How much is it going to cost?

It’s a good question. I understand why people want some idea of how much they’re going to spend, especially when lawyers have a reputation for nickel-and-diming their clients—charging for every copy, every phone call, every trip to the waste basket, and every second spent thinking about the case.

Here's something I would like you to consider. If I could tell you how much it was going to cost the minute you sat down in my office for your first meeting with Kimbrough Law, I would be doing you a great disservice.

Cost is important, but it’s just one of several factors that must be considered when you’re looking for an elder law attorney. Education and qualifications are important, but the most important factor is the amount of experience a firm has solving all the problems that people in your shoes tend to have. If you're dealing with the care of an elderly loved one and you have to make quick decisions about where your loved one will live, you have a housing problem. You most likely have financial problems. You have tax problems. You have legal problems. You may have problems qualifying for public benefits. You may have problems making decisions because you're not sure what action to take.

If you find your way to our office for the first time, you know that you have a problem that needs to be solved, but you may have other problems as well and not know it. There’s no way for me to know until you tell me about your situation, and no two situations are alike.

Let’s say you come in because your mom fell, ended up in rehab, and can’t live at home anymore. She needs to move into a nursing home and she can’t afford it. How will you pay for it? Thousands of people find themselves in the same situation every day, yet the details will all differ because the solution depends on variables that I have no way of knowing until I talk to you.

And finally, when people tell me right off the bat that my fee is going to be too expensive, I say, “Expensive compared to what?” More expensive than the $120,000 you’ll pay out of pocket for your mom to live just one year in the nursing home? More expensive than losing your father’s house because you made mistakes in his Medicaid application process? More expensive than the unexpected tax bill (plus interest and penalties) you’ll owe because you didn't want to pay for tax advice?

Innocent mistakes can lead to financial devastation. How much will those mistakes cost?

The only thing people hate more than lawyers is being charged by the hour by lawyers. At Kimbrough Law, we do things differently. That’s one of the reasons we offer flat-fee billing. You see, once we know the details of your situation, we can quote you a fee. And that’s what you pay. Sure, if there’s a big change in your situation, we may need to make a few adjustments. But you’ll always know in advance. There won’t be any surprises. Ever.

If you need help creating an estate plan, protecting assets, qualifying for public benefits like VA Aid & Attendance or Medicaid, or navigating an elderly loved one's long-term care journey, Kimbrough Law is here for you. To schedule a confidential consultation, call the office at 706.850.6910.


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