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Where Are You Going for Thanksgiving?

Where are you going for Thanksgiving?

For millions of Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday means spending time with loved ones. For many, this means travel. For others, it means opening the doors to family and friends.

Where are you going for Thanksgiving? We posed this question to members of the Kimbrough Law staff. Here's where (and how) they will be spending their Thanksgiving holiday:

Renatta Rasmussen, Client Relations Coordinator

We will be staying at home and hosting the family Thanksgiving feast. I LOVE cooking the turkey and a few sides. Everyone else contributes something. Our two sons and grandchildren, plus any other stray folks we can round up who don’t have family or can’t get away for the holidays, will come. I remember my grandparents’ house being full of good food and fun. I always loved seeing my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I want our house to be just as special, a haven for family and friends.

Warnie Riley, Outreach Coordinator

We are staying at home for Thanksgiving. My two children are coming into town from Tampa and Atlanta, and we will be having a few close friends for dinner. I’m cooking my usual turkey, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, butt rolls (shape of a butt) and many other dishes. We do the same thing every year. We get up early and watch the Macy’s Day parade, the Dog Show and then football all day. It’s my favorite holiday of the year. Simple, quiet and relaxing!!!

Robin Lacrimosa, Life Care Coordinator

My Thanksgiving plans are up in the air currently. Usually my boys and I rent a little cabin somewhere in the mountains and hike, sit by the fire, and have a small Thanksgiving dinner. However, this year my oldest son just started working at a local hospital, so we are waiting to see what his work schedule will be. It will likely be a Thanksgiving at home to accommodate his schedule.

Elise Wilson, Firm Administrator

This Thanksgiving will look a little different for me and my kids, as we will not be spending it with family. We will probably spend it at home, just the three of us, with a small Thanksgiving meal and spend the afternoon snuggled up on the couch watching movies. We enjoy all of the yummy food around Thanksgiving, but honestly my kids would be happy if we just had green bean casserole and rolls! Those are their favorites.

Allie Adkins, Associate Attorney

We spend every Thanksgiving with my husband Cameron’s family in Hawkinsville, Georgia. You probably haven’t heard of Hawkinsville, but it is a really small town in middle Georgia, about 2.5 hours from Athens. It is really nice because both of Cameron’s grandparents live there. They live within a few miles of each other. We usually do lunch at Ganma’s and dinner at Nana’s. We are stuffed afterwards! These pictures are from a few years ago, and it is sweet to see how the family has grown since they were taken, from adding spouses to babies. Also, Ganma makes an 18-layer cake every holiday. It is so good and something I look forward to every year! This one is chocolate, but she makes a great caramel one too. That is Cameron’s favorite! I love my family and our Thanksgiving in Hawkinsville.


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