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Utility Scams: What to Look For and How to Protect Yourself

Scammers manipulate people easily with utility scams because everyone is dependent on utilities. Water, electricity, heat , and air conditioning are things most people rely on daily. Scammers use fear tactics to make people react and do things they normally wouldn’t do, and senior customers are prime targets.

Here are some ways to protect yourself and those you look out for.

  • If someone shows up at your door from a utility company, ask to see their ID badge. Make them wait outside (with the door locked) while you contact the company to verify their information. Keep in mind that utility employees typically wear uniforms and/or carry ID badges. Company vehicles are marked with a logo and/or vehicle number.

  • If you receive a call threatening to cut off power if you do not pay, hang up immediately! Call your utility company’s billing department and check your account.

  • Notify the utility company of any possible scam attempts.

  • Never give out your utility account number(s) or banking information.

  • If you think you’ve been scammed, contact your local police department.

Remember, scammers typically use fear tactics to scare victims. Don’t fall for it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Sources: NES Power News and

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