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Could You Lose It All?

When it comes to protecting what they have, almost nobody knows what they need. Most people have no idea how many pitfalls—and opportunities—there are. We aren't talking just about insurance. We are talking about asset protection planning. We are talking about the planning needed to make sure that more of what you have goes to your heirs after you die—and less ends up going to people you don’t want it to go to, like creditors, lawsuit settlements, and Uncle Sam.

Most people don't realize that, with a little planning, they could save thousands of dollars in taxes, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, basically with a stroke of the pen. Most people don't realize how vulnerable their assets are. All it takes is one car wreck and they could be penniless. This could be prevented basically with a stroke of the pen.

Most people need help, and they don't realize it.

Kim Kimbrough started Kimbrough Law because he saw that people needed help with asset protection planning, but no one was offering it. There are only a handful of professionals in the area who have the legal, financial, and tax-related experience required to help people develop comprehensive asset protection plans. Most of these professionals aren’t interested in doing what Kimbrough Law does, mainly because they are already busy. We are busy, too. But we want to help. Our mission is to educate people and help them protect what matters most. And there’s no one-size-fits-all way to do it. Each family is unique with its own set of problems. Each family must have its own tailored plan. Cookie-cutter solutions won’t work.

That’s why when we work with a client, we start with the big picture. After we understand what the client wants to achieve, we look at all the assets and determine who or what should own them. We look at all the estate planning documents, business documents, investment relationships, life and casualty insurance, and make sure everything is up to date. Once we understand the client’s situation, we assess the potential tax implications, and then develop a strategy to achieve the client’s goals while minimizing taxes. Then, we oversee all the moves to be made to execute the plan to make certain it has been finished. This may not always involve practicing law, but it does involve being the client’s advocate by making sure everything gets done.

If planning to secure your family’s financial future is something you keep putting off, you’re not alone. Most people think they have plenty of time to get around to it. And then life throws a curve ball. An accident. An illness. A lawsuit. And then it’s too late to plan.

If you’re reading this, we hope it’s not too late for you. We hope that you still have time to plan. Because if you do, you will be giving your spouse, your children, and your entire family an incredible gift: the gift of knowing that you cared enough to think ahead about their well-being. This, my friends, is a precious gift.

If you’re ready to get started, Kimbrough Law is ready to help. Just give us a call at (706) 850-6910.

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