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What are Your Holiday Traditions?

What do you do during December to make the yuletide season special?

We posed this question to a few members of the Kimbrough Law staff. Enjoy this brief glimpse into some of their most cherished holiday traditions.

Kim Kimbrough

My favorite tradition is waking up on Christmas Day to see the kids’ reactions to the presents that Santa Claus brought them. It all started when my daughter Courtney was old enough to know that the presents were hers and it has been going on ever since.

Hailey Brock

My favorite holiday tradition is driving around to look at all the Christmas light displays! We pile in the car with hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music and see how creative people get with their decorations every year. I have been doing it since I was a kid. It’s a wholesome and fun and inexpensive activity that I still love doing with friends and family!

Mary Jo Johnson

We have so many favorite family traditions that all involved pageants and costumes. But the longest standing one and most revered is our annual Christmas Pageant. The pictures above are of my kids and nieces and nephews. There are similar photos of me in Christmas Pageants when I was a kid. The tradition started even long before I was born. My mother and her sisters all did this together when our families were of the size to celebrate together. When our families grew too large and had to split off, we continued the Christmas Pageants with the next generation. The tradition was so meaningful because, although Santa was fun and exciting, the pageants really brought the true meaning of the celebration of Christmas to light and we loved focusing on the real reason for the season.

Tabetha Clark

My favorite holiday tradition is going to pick and cut down the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. My kids and I go to a tree farm that contributes part of the proceeds to Veterans. And they have a little petting zoo for the kids. This tradition started when my parents took me several years ago to pick out a tree, and it has been going on ever since. Going to get the tree marks the beginning of Christmas for my kids and me. Seeing my kids' faces light up when they get to choose a tree is the best thing a momma can ask for.


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